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Issues of women, leadership, and  educational policy initiatives related to change efforts.


Re-framing educational leadership and change to make both more inclusive, equitable, and oriented toward collective uplift and continuous improvement.


Providing students and organizations opportunities to engage in questions related to educational leadership, policy and improvement.


About Jennie

Making Good Trouble

Dr. Jennie Miles Weiner is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut, Neag School of Education.


She is committed to use her research and voice to shift our definition and enactment of educational leadership to make it more inclusive and equity oriented for children and adults alike.

The Only Resource for School Improvement Planning (Pandemic Proof)

Most reviews are written as soon as the book comes out. This one is different. This book and this mindset of process over product has enabled us, during a pandemic, to build a district wide strategy that is beautiful in its complexity that is hidden in its simplicity. Strategic planning has enabled us to move forward and be well poised moving into next school year. The processes and mapping has allowed us to build shared understanding and a way to revisit and revise our thinking together over time. It is said that you do not have to be sick to get better; we are ready to get better, thanks to this book. Highly recommend. -Michael Rafferty


Great resource for district, school, and classroom leaders

The book is a very practical and refreshing approach to decision-making at the district, building, and classroom levels. As educators, we need to spend more time planning and reflecting on our practices before rolling them out to stakeholders. This book is the ideal guide to do this. You will be able to walk away with actual strategies you can use and share with colleagues.

- Mario C.


Important Book For Educational Leaders

This book provides a framework, rationale, and tools for developing and using strategy to reach key goals. It offers concrete details and examples so that leaders can learn about steps in thinking and working strategically. I appreciated the attention to improving instruction and attaining equity-oriented goals. The book could be used by district and school leadership teams to guide growth and plan future, strategic work.


-Ms. W

A must read for educational leaders.

I’m a retired superintendent currently providing leadership development with the UCONN Neag School of Education. I wish I had The Strategy Playbook for Educational Leaders when I was leading the ninth largest district in Connecticut. We worked hard on equity, coherence, and capacity. Our plans would have been more succinct, logical, and accountable with the guidance from this invaluable resource. I am revising our PK3 leadership curriculum to ensure the wisdom garnered from this text is shared with cohorts, so they can go forth and do better. Thank you, Isobel and Jennie, for your masterful contribution to educational leadership.