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Consulting and Teaching

My purpose as a teacher is to provide students structured opportunities to meaningfully engage in critical questions. These questions are related to educational leadership, equity, policy and improvement.

Whether teaching about the history of educational reform, educational policy or organizational change, my goal is to help students draw connections to the world around them and wrestle with complexity. My approach is to provide viewpoints rather than answers and allow students to investigate their opinions, and make space for change over time.

Higher Education Teaching Expertise

2013-Present UConn Department of Educational Leadership



Education Policy and Reform

Leadership and Continuous Improvement

Women and Educational Leadership

Organizational Change

Qualitative Methods


I serve as a consultant for a variety of organizations (e.g., private and public schools, state and district educational systems, nonprofits oriented towards leadership development, etc.) bringing my expertise in change management, leadership, and/or gender discrimination and gendered racism in educational leadership to help support learning and change and increase equity. I have also served as an expert witness in court cases regarding wrongful termination and as a facilitator for women leadership groups.

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