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Meet Jennie Weiner

Running, Reading & Causing Good Trouble

Dr. Jennie Miles Weiner is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at the University of Connecticut, Neag School of Education. She is committed to use her research and voice to shift our definition and enactment of educational leadership to make it more inclusive and equity oriented for children and adults alike. Her main focus is on educational leadership and organizational change particularly in chronically under-performing and under-resourced schools and districts. Dr. Weiner also studies gender and racial bias in educational leadership as well as issues of educational infrastructure at the local, district and state levels.

Dr. Jennie Weiner is affiliated with the Center for Education Policy Analysis, Research and Evaluation (CEPARE) and previously served as the co-director of Neag’s EDD program. She earned her M.Ed and Ed.D. in administration, planning, and social policy from Harvard Graduate School of Education. 


Dr. Jennie Weiner has presented at national and international conferences with her work appearing in over 40 peer-reviewed journals. Her first book with Dr. Isobel Stevenson, The Strategy Playbook for Educational Leaders: Principles and Process is used in a variety of leadership preparation programs.  

Recently, she has appeared as an expert on issues of women, leadership, and carework for a variety of events and on media outlets such as Good Morning America and NPR as well as on a number of podcasts. She also facilitates women-focused educational leadership groups (e.g., the Connecticut Female Superintendents Group). 


In 2017, Dr. Weiner was awarded an Emerging Scholar Award from the American Education Research Association’s (AERA) Educational Change (SIG), for which she is now the chair.

Jennie currently lives with her partner Jeremiah, their 10 year old twin boys, Rufus and Manny and dog Junior. She enjoys running, reading and talking about books unrelated to her work, and making good trouble. Her superpowers are fierceness and ice cream consumption. 


Teaching is and has always been her passion.

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